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USPTA Tournaments

LAKE NONA, Fla – The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) will be offering two tournaments for USPTA members in 2019 for the USPTA Surface Championship Series along with the return of the USPTA Masters Tournament.

Now in its 14th year, the USPTA Surface Championship Series gives USPTA-certified professionals an opportunity to showcase their playing skills and earn prize money. The tournaments are open to all USPTA-certified professionals in good standing.

The USPTA Clay Court Championships will be relocating to the Boca Grove Plantation Golf and Tennis Club in Boca Raton, Fla, while the Hard Court Championships will return to the Onion Creek Club in Austin. The USPTA Masters Tournament will make it’s return to the USPTA Surface Championship Series as a part of the 2019 USPTA World Conference in Las Vegas. Members can register for tournaments via TennisLink.

The full tournament lineup is as follows:

USPTA Clay Court Championships, April 27 – 29
Boca Grove Plantation Golf and Tennis Club, Boca Raton, Florida

USPTA World Conference, Sept 23 -27  
Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

USPTA Hard Court Championships, Nov. 8 - 10
Onion Creek Club, Austin

USPTA ranking point chart

Masters Series
Division Events
Entry – 5 pts Entry – 3 pts
Win Rd of 32 – 10 pts Win Rd of 32 – 5 pts
Win Rd of 16 – 20 pts Win Rd of 16 – 10 pts
Win Quarterfinal – 30 pts Win Quarterfinal – 15 pts
Win Semifinal – 50 pts Win Semifinal – 25 pts
Win Final – 75 pts Win Final – 38 pts
Round Robin wins – 25 pts each Round Robin wins – 13 pts each
Consolation wins – 10 pts each Consolation wins – 5 pts each
  • Players receive points in both the main draw (if they win at least one match) and in consolation play (if it is offered).
  • In consolation matches, a player or team advancing by default will receive credit for a win as long as that player or team does not default the next match.
  • Doubles players will receive individual rankings.

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2018 Player rankings

Men's Open Singles  
T1 Nestor  Barnabe
T1 Johannes Brink
3 Joseph Sopko
4 Anthony Perkins
T5 Franco Mata
T5 Lucas Regas
T5 Peter  Torgrimson
T8 Stylianos Gkontsaris
T8 Ashley Pace
T8 Thiago Santos
T11 Daniel Hiddleson
T11 Trey Scott
T11 Sean Pease
T14 Lloyd Bruce-Burgess
T14 Skip Span
T16 Anthony Burch
T16 Asjad Khan
T16 Kevin Torline
T19 Christian Abele
T19 Rafael Acuna
T19 Paulo Barros
T19 Chris Chiang
T19 Sean Curley
T19 Matthew Marion
T19 Rob  Mazzanti
T19 Crisanto Ramirez
T19 Rodrigo Sabag
T19 Kirill Smolkin
T19 Jason Wilks
T30 Tucker Fenske
T30 Raj Jackson
T30 Misha Jurkovic
T30 James Opondo
T30 Max Pyle

Wheelchair Men's Open Singles  
1 Richard  Lane
2 Joesph Sullivan

Men's 45+ Singles  
1 Jason  Wilks
2 Jeff Soloman
3 Melburn Brown
4 Dave Luedtke
5 Patrick Fontana
T6 Bradley Drummond
T6 Jim Leto
8 Rainer Ruhland
T9 Patrick Fontana
T9 Raj Jackson
T9 Mark Valladares

Men's 50 Singles  
1 Tom Breece
2 Scott Smith
T3 Paul D'Amico
T3 Cory O'Brien
T5 Bruce Gullikson
T5 Kevin Pease

Men's 55+ Singles   
1 Timothy Keegan
2 Paul Cole
T3 Paul D'Amico
T3 John  Jerome
T5 John  Daniel Hopkins
T5 Michael Lawver
T5 Eugenio Spano
T5 Alan Stanky
T5 Randy Webb

Men's 65+ Singles   
1 Ed Yablonski
2 Bob Green
3 Armor Persons

Women's Open Singles  
T1 Chantalle Arsenault
T1 Ayaka Terashi
T3 Ladurner Jasmin
T3 Nancy Lally
T5 Karen McNamara
T5 Niurka Sodupe

Women's 45+ Singles  
1 Alice Ramirez
2 Patricia Harrison

Men's Open Doubles   
T1 Ben Berven
T1 Milos Vasovic
3 Joesph Sopko
T4 Chris Chiang
T4 Stu Lehr
T4 Johannes Brink
7 Patrick  Fontana
T8 Dave Luedtke
T8 Franco Mata
T8 Rob  Mazzanti
T8 Nestor Nunez
T8 Trey Scott
T13 Paulo Barros
T13 Stylianos Gkontsaris
T13 Daniel Hiddleson
T13 Raj Jackson
T13 Matthew  Marion
T13 Will  Mcentire
T13 Kevin Pease
T13 Sean Pease
T13 Scott Pennington
T13 Sergio Rebolledo
T13 Hans  Romer
T13 Kirill Smolkin

Men's 40+ Doubles   
T1 Patrick Fontana
T1 Dave Luedtke
T3 Scott Fenton
T3 Mark Valladares
T5 Junior Brown
T5 Raj Jackson
T5 Jim Leto
T5 Kevin Torline

Men's 50+ Doubles   
T1 Mark Harrison
T1 Tim Snell
T3 Paul  Cole
T3 Paul  D'Amico
T3 Lazaro Martinez
T3 Scott Pennington
T3 Hans Romer
T3 Alan Stanley
T9 Bruce Gullikson
T9 John Daniel Hopkins
T9 Cory O'Brien
T9 Steve  O'Connell
T9 Skip South
T9 Alan Stanley

Women's Open Doubles  
T1 Chantalle Arsenault
T1 Jen Beveridge
T3 Nancy Lally
T3 Karen McNamara

Ranking rules

Upon entering a USPTA Surface Championship tournament or Division Event, you become eligible for a player ranking. These rankings are categorized by gender and age division – singles and doubles. Rankings will determine who qualifies for the USPTA Masters Invitational.

USPTA rankings are a source of personal pride and peer prestige, and are career enhancing. Clubs look good when their tennis professional succeeds in tournament play. When there is individual publicity, there is the potential for additional career opportunities.

USPTA rankings can be applied toward Master Professional credit, and results from USPTA tournaments are reported to the USTA for international ranking consideration.

Only player divisions offered in the USPTA Masters Invitational are considered for ranking/qualification purposes. A player must have at least one win at a USPTA National Surface Championships to be considered for qualification into the USPTA Masters Invitational. 

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Sanctioned tournaments

Any member desiring to have a tournament or match sanctioned by USPTA should do the following:

  1. Make a formal bid for sanction to the USPTA World Headquarters. Contact the USPTA for an official application form.
  2. Fill out sanction application, keeping one copy for his or her files.
  3. Forward the original to the World Headquarters at least 60 days prior to the tournament.
  4. Upon approval of sanction, the tournament host/applicant and USPTA Division will be notified by the USPTA Tournament Committee Chairman or USPTA World Headquarters.

USPTA-sanctioned tournaments are eligible for allocation of tournament balls, upon request to their respected USPTA Division, depending on their availability. Complete draw sheets showing results of the tournament should be forwarded to the World Headquarters immediately. All tournaments must be sanctioned by USPTA in order to be considered for national USPTA ranking.

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Tournament regulations and requirements

The USPTA president shall maintain, by appointment from all divisions, a standing Tournament Committee. This committee shall seek bids, receive and recommend their acceptance or rejection for the USPTA Surface Championships and USPTA Division Tournaments, and for any other event it may deem desirable and practical. The Executive Committee shall have final power to approve or disapprove the recommendations of the Tournament Committee, and also shall have power to subsidize or refuse subsidy of these events. The Executive Committee also shall have power to delegate the power of final decision to the Tournament Committee whenever it is deemed advisable, as when time presses and another Executive Committee meeting is impractical.

Upon approval, the Tournament Committee shall have full power to run the competitive events scheduled, including the power to delegate any or all authority to members of the division hosting the event.

USPTA playing rules and age classifications shall be used.

The committee shall have power to limit the number of entries from any division only if necessary to achieve a manageable draw.

No member whose dues are unpaid or who is not otherwise a member in good standing shall be accepted as an entry.

The Tournament Committee shall realize that the two basic events (USPTA Surface Championships and USPTA Division Tournaments) should receive priority whenever any conflict arises. These should be as much as possible on a rotating basis, scheduled two years ahead if possible, never occurring in the same place twice running unless this is unavoidable. The committee should encourage all divisions to realize that these events put us before the public both divisionally and nationally, therefore rotation is in everyone's best interest.

The committee shall have the power to sanction divisional tournaments after making sure these do not conflict with dates most convenient for divisional annual meetings and competitions.
The committee shall have the authority in all matters of detail.

Requirements for tournament entry

  1. All membership requirements, including completion of the Certification Exam, must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the entry date of a USPTA tournament in order for the person in question to be eligible to play in the tournament. The 60 days is to allow time for the grading of the Certification Exam and the processing of the membership application.
  2. If all requirements are met, the exams are graded and the results are recorded at the World Headquarters prior to the entry date of the tournament, the entry will be accepted. However, USPTA will not be held responsible by any individual or any of its divisions if the entry cannot be accepted due to requirements not being fulfilled prior to the 60-day deadline.
  3. The chief executive officer shall immediately ensure that, in conjunction with the president and the Executive Committee, the members shall belong only to those divisions in which they physically reside, and that the records of the Association be changed accordingly.

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2019 Schedule

USPTA Clay Courts
April 27th-29th
Boca Grove Club
Boca Raton, FL

USPTA World Championships
Sept 23rd-27th
Westgate Las Vegas       
Vegas, NV

USPTA Hard Courts
Nov. 8th-10th
Onion Creek Club
Austin, TX




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