Officers and Human Resources

John Embree

Chief Executive Officer

Fred Viancos

Chief Operating Officer

Dana Dasch

Human Resources Manager


Michael Tomassini

Director of Finance

Ellen Weatherford


Ashley Walker

Accounting Clerk


Ramona Husaru

Director of Education

Alegna Hollis

Continuing Education Coordinator

Membership Services & Certification

Dillon Chustz

Director of Membership

Leander Primus

Membership Service Representative

Jacquelyn Dahre

Membership Services Coordinator

Kim Brown

Membership Services Representative

James Stockwell

Membership Services Coordinator

Sid Newcomb

Director of Certification & National Head Tester

Marketing & Communications

Jim Burke

Director of Marketing and Communications

Mike Calendrillo

Public Relations Coordinator

Kevin Karczewski

Graphic Design Specialist

Information Technology

Trevor Trudelle

Database Manager

Multimedia & Video Production

John Gerard

Director of Multimedia

Office Administration


Kelli Ferry

Front Desk Administrator and Events Coordinator