Yaralismar Diaz

Graphic Design Specialist

Yaralismar has been around sports ever since she was 4 years old, and she has been doing graphic design for 4 years.   As a freelancer, she was able to design for the Milwaukee Bucks, one of the biggest conferences in Puerto Rico hosted by BINCA (Applied Cognitive Neuroscience), she created a book for a pre-school in Wisconsin and more. When she's not designing, she loves to cook, do CrossFit and compete in different cities, play or watch sports, be involved with nature, read and talk to her family since they are all back home in Puerto Rico. Fun fact about Yara: She always wanted to create latte art and learn about coffee so when the pandemic happened, she started watching videos and practicing it.  Now she does latte art designs and doesn't stop buying coffee from around the world just to keep learning about it.  She is excited to join the USPTA to be able to combine her love of sports and graphic design together.

Contact Yaralismar Diaz

 407-634-3050 x 144