President’s Paul Waldman Award

Ellen Weatherford  - National Staff

The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) is proud to present the 2023 President’s Paul Waldman Award to Ellen Weatherford from our USPTA National Staff. Ellen serves as USPTA National's Controller and has been a pillar at headquarters for 29 years. During that time, she has made numerous outstanding and significant contributions to the USPTA. In appreciation of her dedicated service to the USPTA, the association’s President Rich Slivocka presented Ellen with the President’s Paul Waldman Award.

The Paul Waldman Award was created in 2014 after the passing of long time USPTA general counsel, Paul Waldman, and is given at the discretion of the USPTA President. Paul served the association for more than 40 years and this award in his name is intended to recognize a USPTA volunteer or staff member for magnanimous service that is often done behind the scenes without fanfare or notoriety. In 2014, the first award was given to Paul Waldman’s wife as a thank you for all that Paul did on behalf of our membership. In Ellen’s case, she was bestowed the award for her positive attitude, tireless work, wisdom and support of the history of the organization. She’s the light that makes the USPTA shine bright. Thank you, Ellen, for your dedication and service to the USPTA. .