The Accredited Professional Coach credential is earned and retained through mandatory continuing education and is valuable to not only those who attain it, but also to employers, the public and the tennis-teaching profession itself. It demonstrates a tennis teacher's commitment to career-based education in such knowledge areas of tennis as, teaching skills, sport science and business concepts. The APC designation also demonstrates a commitment to professional excellence. The skills acquired through mandatory education are applicable to all tennis industry areas.

To become an APC, a USPTA member must be an Professional, Elite Professional, or Master Professional and earn 20 APC designated continuing education units over a two-year period. An attendee can earn APC credits if attendance is verifiable. Please contact the Education Department at to confirm if an event is APC eligible.

Members must also take the Professional Tennis Coaches Academy I course and pass a competency exam at 80 percent or higher. Members may take the course in person during a certification exam and then take the online exam ($75), use the study material on their own and then take the online exam ($50) or take the online PTCA I course and then take the online exam ($50). The PTCA I and competency exam are one-time requirements. Members do not need to take the PTCA I every two years.

APC CEUs can be earned through numerous USPTA- and industry-sponsored activities and through outside certifications, and online coursework. Members must continue to earn 20 APC CEUs every two years to maintain their accreditation.

For more information about the APC credential, please contact the Education Department at

To sign up for a live PTCA I, contact the Membership Department at . Order the online PTCA I here .