The USPTA requires all certified members to earn 6 credits of continuing education in a 3-year period (international members and those 65 or older are exempt). The time period coincides with the date you completed the certification exam or reinstated your membership. Please login to My USPTA to check your Professional Development Program end date to see if your credits are due by Dec. 31, 2019.

If the requirement is not met, you will have your membership suspended. To help you meet that goal, USPTA provides hundreds of hours of education every year in the form of conferences, workshops, webinars, DVDs, and more. is an excellent resource for free education opportunities.

In addition, the Coach Youth Tennis website offers 6 free online courses that earn a 1/2 education credit each. Upon completion of the 6th course, you will receive 3 bonus credits, bringing the total to 6 credits and completing the continuing education requirement (you do not need to complete the online workshop unless you are completing your USPTA certification). CLICK HERE for more information.