The USPTA Professional membership category is designed for tennis professionals that teach tennis as a full-time career. Professional members typically hold positions ranging from assistant pro to head tennis professional at sports clubs and other recreational facilities. Professional members receive coverage under the USPTA’s $6 million liability insurance policy, as well as other benefits. The cost to become a Certified Professional includes a $399 one-time application fee in addition to the prorated amount of the $315 annual membership dues.

*Currently, to become a Professional Member, applicants must be at least 18 years old
*There is a $25 USTA operational fee to attend any Teaching Essentials 1 course.
*There is an additional $14.95 fee to complete the required CPR training.

Looking to become a USPTA Certified Professional? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Complete All Level 1/Tennis Instructor Requirements.

  2. Complete 16 Online Courses
    1. Developing Player Standards
    2. Lesson Planning
    3. Growth & Development
    4. Utilizing Net Generation
    5. Athletic Development
    6. High Percentage Play
    7. Stroke Fundamentals
    8. Player Analysis
    9. Organization & Management
    10. Teaching & Learning
    11. Basic of Play & Competition
    12. Designing Your Coaching Program
    13. Working with Parents & Significant Others
    14. Tennis Movements & Footwork
    15. Tactical Considerations
    16. Sport Science
  3. Teaching Privates (Teaching Essentials 2) – This will be six one-hour webinars presented live with interactive questions, chatbox, polls, etc. Applicants can sign up to take the webinar live or take the recorded webinar session to earn their completion credit.
    1. Five one-hour presentations from USPTA experts on private lessons; topics include structuring lessons, diagnosing, stroke parameters, grips and contact points, feeding, planning for different types of lessons, etc.
    2. The sixth presentation will be on how to submit your private lesson video.
    3. For completion of TE2 - Teaching Privates, each applicant will submit their private lesson video along with a graded score sheet that their Certification Advisor grades.
    4. Upon submission, approved Course Directors will grade the video.

TE2  Privates Webinar Series Schedule

Planning and Preparing for Different Types of Private Lessons
Presenter, Sid Newcomb

The Art and Application of Reflective Practice
Presenter, Sarah McQuade

Use of Progressions and Regressions
Presenter, Butch Staples

Lesson Planning, Using the Net Gen App
Presenter, Craig Jones

Grips, Contact Points, and Stances
Presenter, Feisal Hassan

Private Lesson Video Creation and Submission
Presenter, Sid Newcomb

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  1. Teaching Groups (Teaching Essentials 3) – Three day face-to-face workshop
    1. On-court and classroom interactive learning primarily focusing on group lessons (Day 1)
    2. On-court education & stroke production exams (Day 2)
    3. On-court education & presentation of group lessons (Day 3)

Watch TE-3 Workshop video highlights (CLICK HERE)

CLICK HERE for a PDF for an outline of the current certification pathway.

Should you have any questions or require any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the USPTA Membership Team. We are here are help you complete your Professional Certification.