There are many reasons to join.

Being a member of the USPTA allows you to provide proof of your teaching ability to potential clients and employers. In addition, we offer a host of other benefits designed to help you develop and operate as a successful tennis-teaching professional. We're here for you.

Racquets, Strings, and Accessories

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Official Ball


Apparel and Footwear


  • 30% member pricing discount
  • Supplemental Savings Program contribution

On Court Equipment and Awards

10-S Tennis Supply


  • USPTA fix-a-court referral program


  • Ability to purchase InsureSTAT supplemental disability insurance
  • Ability to purchase on-court liability insurance
  • Ability to purchase sexual abuse & molestation insurance
  • Ability to purchase additional facility insurance
  • Liberty Mutual discounts on home, auto, pet, legal, and ID theft insurance
  • Access to Select Quote life Insurance marketplace

Business Opportunities

Personalized Promotion

  • Personalized USPTA professional products available for purchase

Education and Professional Development

  • Full access to, USPTA’s online education resource library
  • USPTA World Conference and division conventions
  • Free monthly webinars
  • Specialist degree programs
  • Online educational opportunities
  • Free Net Generation certification background check for USPTA members completing the program
  • WTCA  Discounted membership rate of $49; 30% discount on WTCA regional conferences; 25% discount on WTCA New York Conference; Complimentary access to WTCA online education (begins May 1, 2020)