In the spring of 2019, the USPTA was granted full accreditation by the USTA, making us the first USTA-accredited tennis-teaching organization. The goal of the accreditation program is to increase the quality and quantity of certified teaching professionals in this country.

What does accreditation mean to me as a USPTA professional?

As a fully accredited tennis-teaching association, the USPTA will collaborate with the USTA in a variety of areas. The short-term plan for accreditation (which begins now) will include the following:

  • The USPTA and USTA will begin to produce co-branded promotions to the public and to employers that hire tennis professionals that announce the new higher standards and that the USPTA has received full accreditation from the USTA. These will be seen in traditional media such as print publications and television, as well as on social media.
  • USPTA certified tennis professionals and the clubs where they work will receive priority listing on the USTA Net Generation coaches search website.
  • The USPTA will work with the USTA to educate the next generation of tennis professionals through Professional Tennis Management undergraduate and graduate programs at over 12 select colleges throughout the U.S., which will give students a direct path to a career in the tennis industry.
  • USPTA Professionals will have access to extensive continuing education opportunities, including a library of best in class USTA and USPTA online education. Be on the lookout for USPTA-U soon!
  • New USPTA applicants looking to join the USPTA will be required to be Safe Play compliant and background checked. This will be conducted at no cost to the individual clubs or pros.

In the longer run, you can expect the following:

  • Starting in 2021, USPTA will require new certification candidates to have 1,500 hours (or 1 year of apprenticeship) of education, which includes 1,200 hours of experiential learning and 300 hours of face-to-face and online education. Along with the new education requirements, mentors will be assigned to new applicants to assist them through the USPTA certification process. This will truly elevate our standards – which is our stated mission.
  • Starting in 2021, existing USPTA members must become Safe Play compliant. We are also going to increase the number of continuing education requirements when the new 3-year education cycle begins in January 2020.
  • Finally, USTA Member Org Clubs with 4 or more courts will be required to hire tennis-teaching professionals and coaches from an accreditation organization; which starts Jan. 1, 2021! This critically important step will influence and expand the job market for USPTA members.

This is just the beginning of what to expect as we implement the benefits of USTA accreditation. In the coming weeks, more information will become available to our members as we work directly with the USTA to increase the quality and quantity of certified teaching professionals in the U.S.

Being granted full accreditation is a watershed moment for our association and for the industry in general. Thank you for your continued service and support of the USPTA.

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