Thank you for applying for membership to the United States Professional Tennis Association.

Please carefully review the following procedures:

  1. Please fill out the application.
  2. Submit your nonrefundable application fee and prorated dues for the current year.

  3. Upon receipt of your completed application, application fee and prorated dues, you will receive a link via e-mail to the Platform Tennis Certification study manual. 

  4. You will be considered an Applicant Member with certain benefits until you pass the on-court portion of the Platform test and the written exam with professional scores and meet all other certification requirements of the United States Professional Tennis Association. Please note: We will not send you your on-court test results until all certification requirements have been met. 

  5. If you fail to pass any portion of the Professional certification requirements, either on court or online exams, you will be considered a Recreational Coach until the failed portion is retaken with a passing score. The application fee covers your first attempt at all online and on-court testing. There are fees associated with retaking any portion of the certification requirements, so you will have to reach out to the Membership Department to reset your access to online exams and/or get you on the test list to retake any on-court portions of certification.

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