Mark Leschly, Universal Tennis Chairman & CEO

Tennis players tell us they would play more if they could find and connect with more players at their level. Now there is a real, proven solution: Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) rates all tennis players and enables true level-based play that increases engagement and participation.

UTR Powered by Oracle is the foundation of level-based play and truly democratizes tennis. Every single tennis player, from recreational to junior to pro, is rated on the same 16-point scale. It breaks down the barriers and silos in tennis by structuring tennis based on skill level rather than by age or gender. Facilitating play based on skill level means you can find more players in your local community/club and have more competition at your level.

Universal Tennis is focused on increasing participation in tennis by both providing much needed tools and technology to support professionals/coaches and making the sport more affordable, accessible and fun for players of all levels worldwide. We have been at the forefront driving the level-based play revolution embraced by players, professionals and tennis leaders - including Novak Djokovic, Tennis Australia, Tennis Channel and, of course, USPTA.

Recently, we have introduced the UTR Engagement Platform to organizers, professionals and coaches to help drive tennis engagement and revenue in their clubs and communities. 

Clubs and academies worldwide, including Rafa Nadal Academy, Kim Clijsters Academy, John McEnroe Tennis Academy, IMG, Saddlebook, Courtsense, Midtown Tennis and Cliff Drysdale Management are experiencing the benefits of the level-based play revolution. 

Kim Clijsters Academy has experienced a 90 percent increase in new member conversion since adopting the UTR Engagement Platform. “UTR has turned out to be an unexpected sales tool. UTR Events are bringing new players into the club, and we are converting them into new members.” - Yasemin Ostrevsky, Kim Clijsters Academy

Clubs and academies use the UTR Engagement Platform to:

Get All Players Rated and Join the Global UTR Community: UTR Powered by Oracle is the premier global tennis rating system that measures all genders, ages and geographies across the same 1 – 16 scale. Every tennis player can get rated, so they can understand their true skill level, track their progress and find play at their level everywhere. 

Create More Local Opportunities to Play & Increase Participation: Give all members more opportunities to play and improve their tennis with events based on level, rather than age or gender. Create events, take registration and payment, set draws and post scores all via UTR’s easy to use TMS / EMS platform. When UTR is used to pair players, matches are 2-3.5x more competitive and players have a much more positive experience.

Use the UTR Digital Club as the One-Stop Shop: The UTR Digital Club is the one-stop shop for all member communications, score posting, play activity and tournament creation. Your digital ladder helps you track player skill & improvement and to engage members. 
Drive Revenue: Optimize court activity through level-based play and leverage targeted data and analytics to understand opportunities to improve your club programming. Bring in prospective new members by running open UTR Events to allow them to experience your tennis program.

Develop Local Opportunities for High-Performance Players: UTR counts all player results rather than results from select tournaments and events. Players can play more locally to develop their game rather than incur time and monetary expenses traveling long distances.

Access Always-On Support: Access UTR training materials, webinars, case studies and ongoing support for integrating UTR into your program. If you have any questions, the team at UTR is here to help.

Case Study: Centercourt Tennis Club & Sports

$200,000 annual revenue increase using 10-15 courts

218 percent increase in participation

56 percent of weekend players are new

Six UTR Events per weekend with 200 players

Club Benefits: 

Increased revenue: Programs generate $4,000 per weekend and over 200 percent from previous year 

Guaranteed revenue: Courts that were empty now generate revenue

More new players: 56 percent of weekend players are new

Potential new members: More members in the Digital Club than actual club members

Additional revenue for coaches: Coaches get extra hours and revenue

Increased member engagement: Juniors are playing more: 218 percent increase in participation

Member Benefits: 

Time and money savings: No longer need to travel long distances to play

More opportunities to play: Players have more options to play several times per week 

More people to play with: New players of all levels are joining

Know level and track growth: Can set goals and quantify progress from level-based play

Increased engagement: Players are constantly checking their ratings and interacting with their peers

Introduction to competitive tennis: 20 percent of juniors who had not played competitive matches and tournaments are getting rated & enjoying level-based play 

We’re excited to offer USPTA members exclusive discounted pricing for Premium access to the UTR Engagement Platform. 

Visit www.myutr/ to get your special discounted offer!