*The Tennis Parent's Bible by Frank Giampaolo
*The Tennis Parent's Bible by Frank Giampaolo
Written by Frank Giampaolo

"It's Everything You Didn't Even Know You Needed To Know." Most parents spend 100% of their time, money and energy developing their children's fundamental strokes. However, in today's game, a lack of success is most often the result of the under developed mental and emotional components. "The Tennis Parent's Bible" offers real solutions. This stand out organizational manual is designed to assist parents and coaches through the mental and emotional complexities of raising a world class young adult through the game of tennis.

"I just finished reading "The Tennis Parent's Bible" which could just as easily be called "The Tennis COACHES Bible"...so much good insight on how to help players, parents and coaches navigate the waters of competitive tennis!!" - Chuck, USPTA First Vice President

"This should be required reading for every aspiring parent, player or coach!" - Vic Braden, USPTA Hall of Fame, The Vic Braden Tennis College