Improve your return game, Leslie Allen
Improve your return game, Leslie Allen Pay-Per-View video, approximately 20 minutes. Earn 0.5 Continuing Educational Credits and 0.5 APC Educational Credits.

The return of serve is an important shot to master, as it can dictate which way the point will go. An offensive return of serve could give you the advantage or even the point right away, while a defensive return is a way of just getting the ball back and keeping you in the point a little longer. In this episode, USPTA Professional and former top 20 WTA player Leslie Allen takes you through all of these situations and goes in depth on ways to become a better returner, like knowing where to stand and tracking the ball. So take advantage of her knowledge and of your opponent's serve today!
You will learn about hitting defensive, attacking, and neutral returns of serve, plus drills that allow you to identify the differences between each and help practice hitting the appropriate response.
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