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  Posted on: Wednesday, March 21, 2012
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Five new “On Court with USPTA” DVD titles available

The United States Professional Tennis Association just released several new DVD titles, from it's hit "On Court" show. The instructional DVDs are produced in house by the USPTA's multimedia department. The latest TV show titles released are:

Forehand Movement Patterns and Exercises

In this show USPTA Professional, Mark Kovacs, demonstrates six major movement patterns for the forehand. Movement for tennis is unique and although improving athletic ability will improve tennis movement, some specific movement patterns and exercises are specific to tennis and will provide outstanding results. He'll show you the patterns and teach you specific exercises involving a medicine ball and resistance tubing.

DVD Bonus Features: Interview with Mark Kovacs, learn the six footwork steps, movement patterns with Mark, and a full lesson on movement.

Serve and Volley

In this show, USPTA Professional and Grand Slam champion, Hank Pfister, shares tips on how to serve and volley. Learn how to hit a proper serve and where to hit it to set up your shot for a volley, where you should split step, and how to hit an effective volley and half-volley.

DVD Bonus Features: Lessons on serve technique, volley placement tips, and an interview with Hank Pfister.

Get to the Net

In this episode, USPTA Professional and Grand Slam champion, Hank Pfister, gives tips and shares his secrets on mastering the skill of getting to the net off the approach and off of your opponent's second serve. Learn how to approach, where to hit the volley and where to stand on your opponent's second serve to maintain the offensive while keeping your opponent guessing.

DVD Bonus Features: Lessons on the approach shot, the approach off of the return, and the backhand slice, and an interview with Hank Pfister.

Improved Forehand Technique

In this show, USPTA Master Professional Rick Macci, who has trained many top athletes, along with Brian Gordon, share their scientific research by 3-D Tennis for the first time on a more efficient way to hit the forehand. He explains that the key is about reducing the range of motion for a faster and more explosive forehand.

DVD Bonus Feature: Interview with Rick Macci. During an extended lesson on the forehand, Macci explains the key points of the improved forehand.

Change Up Your Serve

In this show, USPTA Professional Otis Sadler shows viewers how to hit four different types of serves: flat, spin, kick and slice. To be an effective server you need to be able to hit more than one serve, and in this show viewers will also learn how to change up the location of the serves, the importance of the ball toss and discover other factors that play a role in choosing the right serve.

DVD Bonus Features: Tip on the second serve ball toss, Otis Sadler "sweet spots."

No other tennis-teaching organization produces the volume and quality of instructional DVDs that the USPTA does. The contemporary content incorporates both modern and time-tested tennis techniques. To assure quality, each DVD goes through an intensive review process that includes evaluation by a USPTA Master Professional and two Pro 1 level USPTA tennis-teaching professionals. The DVDs feature lessons by highly qualified USPTA instructors.

Visit for specific pricing and special offers on DVDs and to view more than 100 other USPTA-produced DVD titles, or call 800-877-8248 for more information.

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