Dr. Jim Loehr - Inducted in 2022

The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) is proud to present the Tim Heckler USPTA Hall of Fame Award to Dr. Jim Loehr, Golden, CO (Intermountain Division).

Dr. Loehr is a world-renowned performance psychologist, researcher, and author of eighteen books including the national bestseller The Power of Full Engagement. From the moment he started playing at the age of fourteen, Dr. Loehr fell deeply in love with tennis. Even through his losses, he continued to love competing and didn’t want to stop.

In 1992, Jim co-founded the Human Performance Institute. The institute has become the pioneer in training business leaders to expand and manage their energy so they can achieve high performance in the face of intense stress, relentless competition, and unpredictable change. The training is the result of 30 years of proprietary research and working with elite performers including Olympic gold medalists, elite professional athletes, military Special Forces, Hostage Rescue teams, surgeons, and Fortune 500 CEOs. From his more than 30 years of experience and applied research, Dr. Loehr believes the most key factor in successful achievement, personal fulfillment and life satisfaction is the strength of one’s character. He strongly insists that character strength can be built in the same way that muscle is built through energy investment.

“Being inducted into the USPTA Hall of Fame is the pinnacle of one’s career in the tennis industry. Thank you, Jim, for your 45 years of service to our organization,” John Embree, USPTA CEO expressed.