Register your Accredited Professional Coach (APC) education credits with the quick and easy‐to‐use USPTA SmartCode Education System. This uses your smartphone to instantly register your attendance to all seminars and specialty courses earning APC education credits.

To use the system, you will need:

  • A smartphone with data access, Web-browsing capabilities and camera. Apple iPhone and Google Android phones are fully supported. Blackberry and Windows phones may also work.
  • A barcode scanning application for your smartphone that can scan QR codes. For iPhone/iPad we recommend Qrafter. For Android we recommend Barcode Scanner. Use your device to search the Apple Store or Google Play for these free applications. If you have AT&T, your phone comes with the AT&T Code Scanner app.

Using the SmartCode Education System

To use the system at a seminar, general session or specialty course, you must scan two QR codes. One is your personal QR Code on your conference badge or a sticker. It is also on your membership card. The second QR code will be in your conference program and on a poster at the end of a session. It cannot be scanned until the end of the session or the beginning of the next session.

Scan one of the QR codes (it does not matter which one you start with) using the scanning app. Select “yes” or “open browser” to see the SmartCode Education System Web page that confirms you have scanned the first code. You will see the barcode scan symbol to let you know that you need to scan the second code.

1st code scan successful. Now scan 2nd code.

Go back to the scanning app and repeat the process on the second code. Once the second code is scanned and the Web page opened, you will see a green check mark to confirm that your APC education credits have been registered in the USPTA education system. You will also receive an email to your primary email address to confirm that your credits were registered.

Credits successfully registered

Borrow a Smartphone

The USPTA SmartCode Education System is designed so that you can borrow a friend’s smartphone to register your credits. The phone’s owner can register his/her credits first by scanning the personal code then session code. After confirmation, you can scan your codes to get credit as well.


Test your QR Code Scanner

Once the QR Code scanning application is installed, test your phone using the QR Code below. You will select “yes” or “open browser” to open/launch Web page.

If your test was successful, you should see the SmartCode Education System test Web page with the green “thumbs up” icon.