Admire the reputation of the prospective member
Invite them to join our respected organization
Mentoring for those interested in professional guidance

School Coach Mentors receive Incentives!
AIM is a program to assist USPTA members in mentoring fellow new members into the organization. Through AIM, we engage new members by admiring, inviting, and mentoring new professional relationships.

USPTA members are asked to recommend admirable teaching professionals in their local area or region who are currently instructing but not USPTA certified. If the prospect decides to join, it is the referring member's responsibility to be sure that the applicant includes his or her name on the application in the field labeled "Please provide the name of the person who recommended USPTA membership to you."

New Member Referral Incentives

  • $50 discount on USPTA annual dues for every new Certified Member Referral*
  • $24.50 discount on USPTA annual dues for School Coach Category Referral*

*If the referral incentive exceeds annual membership dues, then the person would receive the difference at the USPTA Pro Shop (would need to be used during the current year)

~ The incentive awards will be issued to the current referring member upon payment of the prospective member's application fees and first year's dues, pending verification that name was included on application.
~ It is the referring member's responsibility to make sure the prospective member puts his/her name on the application form in order to receive the incentive(s).

Who is Eligible?
Only certified members in good standing will be eligible and they may only refer first-time prospective members.

For more information, contact the membership department at