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The United States Professional Tennis Association is excited to announce a new membership health insurance benefit that can help keep you, your family, and even your small business cost-effectively covered and healthy.

We have partnered with the Lighthouse Insurance Group, LLC (LIG) to be able to offer you health insurance and related coverage options including major medical, short term health plans, vision and dental plans, critical care coverage, life, and several different supplemental health options.

These programs are exclusively offered to you, your family, and even small groups which are ideal for a small business. As these are individual health plans, they are tailored to your unique health and financial needs. This will allow you to find affordable coverage from major carriers regardless of where you live in the USA.

For business owners we can arrange coverage for not only you but your employees and their families with a cost-effective turnkey program that uses pre-tax money to fund new Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) accounts to help pay for your health insurance benefits in an easier to use alternatives to group plans – plus it can include part-time, seasonal and other employee classes that are not typically covered.

The licensed advisors at LIG are based in Independence, Ohio and are here to help assist you in finding the right plans with a no-obligation health insurance assessment along with concierge service to ensure you are getting the attention you deserve while making it easy to get the right health coverage.

If you are in need coverage today or if you would like to discuss coverage options for the long-term, please call the LIG team at 888-831-7561 to speak with a licensed advisor or visit to schedule an appointment and learn more about this exclusive United States Professional Tennis Association member benefits program.

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