HAR-TRU, the leader in clay tennis courts, court equipment, and accessories is the Official Provider of Teaching Carts, Ball Mowers and Ball Baskets of the USPTA. All USPTA professionals can purchase HAR-TRU endorsed products at a 3 percent discount online by utilizing the promo code “USPTA” and their USPTA membership number.

HAR-TRU is also one of the endorsees that participate in the Supplemental Savings Program and will contribute 3 percent on all ball equipment purchased. (Recreational Coaches are not eligible for the Supplemental Savings program.)

In 1931, a contractor named Henry Alexander Robinson (HAR) developed a clay court surface using American stone first mined in Pennsylvania. The stone’s true green color, and the true bounce that came from playing on it, quickly caught on — and the Har-Tru company was born.

But Har-Tru doesn’t stop at clay. It is the world’s leading provider of tennis court surfaces, tennis court consultation, court equipment and accessories. The company strives to help others build and maintain the best courts in the world, leveraging its products, knowledge, and experience to most effectively meet the needs of each customer. Har-Tru stays active in the in the industry as an advocate for the sport and sponsor of tennis related activities. 

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