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String Ping is the first tennis texting and marketing service featuring a suite of communication tools that enable USPTA members to share messages and branding using SMS, MMS, or voice broadcasting. As the official texting service of the USPTA, String Ping generates recurring business by automating individual or group messages to tennis customers is the wave of the future. Because over 90 percent of all text messages are opened within three minutes, text messaging is more effective than email for an almost immediate response. In addition, targeted texting keeps clients happy with relevant information specific to their needs. Founded by Rick & Cate Kerpsack during the 2020 pandemic, String Ping offers 37 years of experience in the tennis industry from all angles, including manufacturing and retail in both brick & mortar and online. String Ping bundles the communication tools and training to connect the tennis industry better and support this thriving community.

For a free 30-day, no-risk trial for all USPTA members, text “TRIAL” to 1-888-990-6790 to create an account or schedule training. As an introductory bonus offer to USPTA members only, when you become a member by December 1, String Ping will add one additional month of SMS credits at whichever level purchased. So, for example, at the current Silver level, you receive 500 SMS credits per month @$19.99. Therefore, String Ping will add an extra 500 credits to your account, so you’ll receive twice as many in the first month! The credits automatically roll over if they are not used. For current pricing, please visit

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