Universal Tennis

The USPTA is pleased to welcome Universal Tennis as the “Official Club Software and Rating System of the USPTA.”

As part of the agreement, USPTA members and/or their clubs that leverage the Universal Tennis application can generate revenue through various level-based tournaments and events that make the game accessible to an ever-widening audience. 

Universal Tennis is transforming tennis through its innovative tools and technologies, empowering tennis providers globally to increase participation and generate revenue through level-based play. 

The partnership with the USPTA elevates this mission even further – USPTA members can now use Universal Tennis to run unlimited events with flexible formats, including Team Tennis for juniors, Adult Leagues and so much more.

The vision and mission of Universal Tennis was reimagined and enabled at the end of 2017 when a tech savvy group of passionate tennis and business leaders bought the company. In just a few years, the Universal Tennis team and its collaborators are reaching, impacting and transforming tennis across the globe.

More information will follow shortly for how USPTA members can take full advantage of this partnerships including educational webinars and 1 on 1 support from the Universal Tennis team. To connect with Universal Tennis, please go to

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