Hassan Humayun, USPTA Elite Professional

What does USPTA accreditation mean to me? It brings great value and assures my commitment to excellence in my field.  Accreditation will help my reputation as a tennis professional that we were provided the best education and training to be the best possible coaches not only in the United States but in the world.  

When I was 20-years-old, I got my USPTA certification and if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be where I am today. The USPTA certification led my general manager to make me the director of tennis when I was only 21-years-old. I realized that the USPTA was always striving to be the best in providing resources to their members. They helped tennis professionals succeed both on and off-court. I had opportunities to attend specialty courses, conferences, and a built in was a natural mentorship with tennis coaches.  I knew I had a lot to learn and the programs, courses, and the USPTA professionals that held these events had a huge impact on our industry.   

As a young professional, I would have never thought I could have an organization provide so many amazing opportunities.  I attended conferences that made me learn from the best tennis professionals such as Jose Higueras, Emilio Sanchez, Hank Pfister, Feisal Hassan, Ajay Pant, and Dave Porter just to name a few. After growing my education through the USPTA events I attended over the years, I developed players that achieved tennis scholarships to Division I universities, ran professional tournaments, and many social events over the years.

I was able to use the resources from the USPTA website to tackle any challenges I ever faced at my club. If I could not find something specific, I was able to pick up the phone and get help from any one of my fellow USPTA colleagues.  

What does the USTA accreditation mean for the USPTA?  First it would assurance to employers that USPTA professionals have gone through rigorous training and background checks.  This is important for us to show this to general managers that USPTA professionals are the best in the industry.  

It will ensure that employers will value tennis professionals knowing they have gone through a certain level of training. Accreditation will make more jobs available for USPTA professionals as they will be looked at first for recruitment opportunities.  This is important as our industry is in a constantly changing environment.  

What is exciting is that the accreditation through the USTA is going to support the USPTA and its core values.  The USPTA is now not only being just tennis-teaching professionals but industry leaders. Working together is going to raise the level and keep things uniform across the nation.  

Also, by joining forces both organizations can pool their resources to provide the best environment to give tennis coaches a chance to succeed.  

It will also elevate tennis coaching across the United States which will raise the number of players and level of play. I have been very fortunate through the USPTA education system to be able to make a difference by testing over 150 applicants. It has been amazing to reach out to future coaches to make a difference that tennis brings into everyday life no matter what their goals are. 

I look forward to the USPTA getting their accreditation from the USTA as this will elevate the game and the industry for years to come!

PHOTO CAPTION: Humayun (left) with USPTA Elite Professionals, Jeff Salzenstein and Andy Zodin at the 2016 USPTA World Conference in Indian Wells.

About Hassan Humayun
Hassan Humayun is a USPTA Elite Professional and is the head tennis professional at the Anthem Country Club in Henderson, Nevada. He brings more than 15 years’ experience in managing a wide range of tennis programs. Hassan was elected USPTA Intermountain President for the 2016-2018 term. Hassan is also the Head Tester for USPTA Intermountain where he certifies pros in Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Montana.