Add Value to Your USPTA Membership!

John R. Embree, USPTA CEO

As I travel the country meeting our members or chatting with them on the phone, I am consistently amazed at how passionate people are about our Association. They speak enthusiastically about how much it means to them to be a part of our organization – from the credibility USPTA certification has in the marketplace to the value of networking opportunities at our conferences. These cannot be found anywhere else.

But to get a better analysis of our membership’s feelings, the USPTA recently commissioned two separate surveys to ask about the benefits of USPTA membership. The results were very positive.

Still, I hear from members that are concerned about the financial cost of their membership. They worry about the cost of their dues and what tangible benefits they receive. These concerns are completely understandable, and they are why we do everything we can to add value to your membership.

One such benefit I want to emphasize is our AIM Program (Advocate, Inspire, Mentor). It’s no secret that you, the member, are the most effective recruiter of future USPTA tennis professionals. You are best positioned to inspire your fellow tennis professionals to become USPTA members. Think about your own path into coaching. How many coaches helped you through the ranks?

Sustaining a steady pool of highly qualified professionals to teach our sport will ensure the success of the USPTA for future generations. We also understand that our members want to maximize the value of their membership. That’s why we created the AIM Program. For each new member you bring in, you will earn a $50 discount in the next year’s annual dues. Think about that: if you bring in six new members, your next year’s dues are FREE!

The process is simple enough. Any applicant who submits their online application just needs to include the name of the member in good standing that encouraged them to become certified.

AIM has been in place for several years now. In the last two years, over 700 members have recruited a new tennis professional and thereby earned reduced dues. I would love nothing more than to reward 1,000 members for working to grow and improve our Association.

But AIM is just one of the programs and benefits of USPTA membership. We also offer our members a Supplemental Savings Program, which contributes a percentage of their purchases from USPTA endorsees to a personal savings account. Our members receive 30% discounts on Avis car rentals and can reserve hotel rooms below wholesale rates on There are so many more!

Our National Staff and division Executive Directors do everything they can to increase the value of USPTA membership, but so few of our members take advantage of all that is available to them. You are leaving money on the table! As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

So do yourself a favor: visit to see all the financial perks and benefits of your membership with the USPTA. You won’t be disappointed.