Platform Tennis Season is Here

Matt Davis, USPTA Platform Tennis Chair & USPTA Elite Professional

Hello Platform Tennis Teachers and Tennis Teachers! Welcome to the 2019/2020 Platform Tennis Season. The USPTA Platform Tennis Committee has accomplished quite a lot in the past year and in the offseason to make this the best season yet.

The USPTA Platform Tennis Committee is made up of members in player-populated Platform Tennis Divisions. They are Jason Love, Mike Rahaley, John Cassas, Gary Horvath, Betsy Heidenberger, Andrew Sorontino, Geoff Jagdfeld and Todd Hiscox. Thanks to all of them this past year for their hard work, and, of course, John, Sid and Risa on the USPTA National Staff.

Here are a few of the things from which USPTA Platform Tennis members will benefit. First, you will start to see Platform Educational Workshops this year. As of now, we have one planned for Washington, D.C. We are planning them in New York, Illinois, Connecticut and possibly Colorado. Our goal is to host education seminars in the most popular platform areas with a little social event after. Whether you have taught for one year or more than 10, it’s important to continue to improve as a Platform Tennis Professional. It’s also a good time to share ideas and best practices that work on and off the court.

The USPTA Platform Tennis Committee encourages members to visit, which does have Platform videos but they are limited. So, we intend to improve the Platform section on our website with more robust information and a more user-friendly interface. We would also like to do a Platform Tennis webinar this season on teaching the game and skills needed to be successful.

Under the calendar section on the website, you will find the Platform Tennis testing dates and locations for the next four months, and more will be added shortly. Our testers review the applications and recommend testing sites to the testing committee and National Staff. A USPTA Platform tester will be assigned to all our locations and will provide a little training and review the study guide for the test. You will receive the study guide and the tester and National Staff will prepare your paperwork ahead of the exam.

Below is a list of the USPTA Platform Tennis Testers. (All testers are USPTA Platform Tennis Certified and are members in good standing.)

Johan Durant – Massachusetts
Brad Easterbrook – Connecticut
Gustavo Goncalves – Maryland
Gary Horvath – Colorado
Jason Love – Illinois
Patricio Misitrano – Connecticut
Vlatko Najdek – Pennsylvania
Mike Rahaley – Illinois

We also have been working hard on branding the USPTA Platform logo. To grow participation, the USPTA and APTA will begin promoting each other’s objectives, so you will see the USPTA Platform Tennis banner at APTA Grand Prix events and at sites where exams are held. 

How will learning about and becoming certified in Platform Tennis benefit USPTA members? If you’re associated with a multisport facility, especially in the Midwest or Northeast, you’re probably going to come across Platform tennis. People are looking for ways to stay active in winter with fun, social activities that are also great exercise. You’d be surprised at how many clubs and parks are building Platform tennis courts, and more courts means more job opportunities. Becoming certified in Platform Tennis will make you a more well-rounded USPTA Professional and give you the inside track on some of the most prestigious club jobs in the country.

If you’d like to learn more about Platform Tennis and what the USPTA and our committee are doing, or have any ideas or recommendations for the committee, please contact me at

Becoming certified in platform tennis makes you a more well-rounded professional.