USPTA Webinar - Tactics-First approach to coaching

Join Wayne Elderton on April 19, as he discusses the practical framework and tactical-technical tools for coaching tennis through situation training.

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In this webinar, Wayne will discuss tennis as an ‘Open Skill’, Tactical framework
, Why session built on a Tactics-first approach are more effective?, Creating realistic drills that apply to real-world match-play, and Technical coaching that helps players solve problems they encounter on court.

Tennis Director @North Vancouver Tennis Centre

Wayne is one of the highest certified, and highly awarded, coaches in Canada. Acknowledged as one of Canada’s top coaching educators, he has created many pieces of the certification system’s educational materials, courses and curriculums. He is a foundational architect of Canada’s Red/Orange/Green program as well as the Wheelchair Instructor Certification course & materials. He is a national expert on Game-Based Approach and other modern coaching methodologies. Wayne is a popular speaker at international conferences and has been the Keynote speaker at the International Tennis Federation World-wide Coaches Conference and the Tennis Australia Grand Slam Coaches Conference. He has developed numerous national Junior champions, coached 3 players to the top 10 in the world in Wheelchair tennis, as well as coached players who have achieved US scholarships and professional tennis rankings.

Worth 1 USPTA Education Credit

4/19/2023 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM