Officers and Human Resources

John Embree

Chief Executive Officer

Nichole Ronan

Human Resource Manager


Michael Tomassini

Director of Finance

Ellen Weatherford


Ashley Walker

Accounting Clerk

Education & Certification

Ramona Husaru

Director of Education and Certification

Wil Santiago

Continuing Education Coordinator


Peyton Keith

Certification Coordinator

Membership Services

James Stockwell

Director of Membership

Kim Brown

Membership Services Coordinator


Linda Virgovicova

Membership Services Coordinator

Marketing & Communications

Marisa Lampe

Director of Marketing and Communications

Kerry Schneeman

Graphic Design Specialist

Phoebe Allan

Communications Assistant


Collin Brazan

Public Relations Coordinator

Information Technology

Tim Baum

Information Technology

Multimedia & Video Production

Susan Kimman

Multimedia Manager

Antoine Douglas

Video Production Specialist 

Office Administration


Kelli Ferry

Executive Administrative Assistant