Ramona Husaru

Chief Development Officer


Ramona Husaru is the Chief Development Officer of the USPTA. In her role, Ramona leads the organization’s learning development, growth initiatives, and strategic partnerships for all racquet sports, including tennis, pickleball, padel, and platform tennis, under the organization’s mission to elevate the standards of racquet sports professionals. With a passion for making a positive impact through sports, Ramona is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation within the organization so that the USPTA members have access to cutting-edge resources and opportunities for professional growth. Ramona is the first female to hold this role since USPTA’s founding in 1927.

Ramona has served the USPTA for 15 years, and her passion for lifelong learning and commitment to excellence has been instrumental in advancing and innovating the organization’s professional development offerings, expanding their impact and reach. Ramona seeks to inspire the new generation of leaders to continue to shape the future of racquet sports.

Ramona is a former WTA-ranked player and a two-time NCAA National Team Champion with BYU-Hawaii, where she was undefeated in singles competition. She has coached many players who played college tennis and the pro circuit and enjoys working with players of all levels. Ramona holds a master’s degree in Sport Psychology and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Performance Psychology. She is passionate about human performance, helping athletes and coaches embrace continuous learning, become mentally tough, and achieve their maximum potential on and off the court.

Contact Ramona Husaru

 407-634-3050 x 147