The Professional Tennis Coaches Academy I is an online course that combines audio, visual, and text formats, as well as short quizzes at the end of each section to optimize the learning and review experience.

Teaching skill topics:

  • Progressions
  • Videos on how to administer a private and group lesson

Business and programming:

  • Facility and pro shop management
  • Equipment

Advanced player development:

  • Anatomy of a shot
  • Common shots
  • Specialty shots
  • Rules of tennis
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Effective planning and drills
  • The course also gives a history of tennis and grips.


If you took the Certification Exam prior to January 2008, this course is available to you for an introductory fee of $50. Upon completion of the course you will receive 4 education credits. Click here to purchase.

Need to upgrade?

This is a great course to help you prepare for your upgrade exam.  The course offers a more extensive and in-depth overview of all the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete both the written and on-court certification exams.  To complement the written format, this online course offers audio and video features so that you have the option to listen, watch, and read along as you go through the course.  A major benefit of incorporating these new features is that they utilize multiple learning styles so applicants can better retain the information in the course.

This course is available to you for $45 when you register for an upgrade exam.  You will also receive 4 education credits for completing this course.