The USPTA specialist program provides education and certification opportunities to those who specialize in certain areas of the tennis-teaching profession. The USPTA administers most specialist programs so that once applicants fulfill the criteria, they do not have to travel to a testing site to obtain the specialist degree they seek. Instead, applicants demonstrate their command of the specialization subject through additional documentation submitted for panel review.

The specialist program was designed to:

  • Create a market demand for USPTA-certified Professionals by promoting the benefits of hiring specialists to owners, managers, and others who employ tennis-teaching professionals.
  • Offer continuing education to USPTA members who seek to improve their skills and their competencies throughout their careers.
  • Provide measurable opportunities for the best USPTA Professionals to demonstrate their skills, allowing them the prestige of being recognized as among the most elite in their chosen profession.

Competitive Player Development

In cooperation with USTA Coaching Education Department

USPTA-certified teaching professionals who specialize in developing players who compete or will compete at the highest levels of tennis now can be recognized for their expertise by gaining certification as a Specialist in Competitive Player Development.

To earn the specialist credential, teaching professionals must successfully complete the USTA High Performance Coaching Program curriculum administered by the USTA Coaching Education Department.

Professionals committed to developing competitive players play a vital role in the future of professional tennis and in the lives of the players they teach. This specialist program, like those already in place and being added, offers USPTA members a significant educational experience and an opportunity to distinguish themselves as true specialists.

To apply, you must be rated USPTA Professional or higher.

Interested professionals should call USPTA’s Education Department at 407-634-3050, ext. 147 or email or USTA’s Jessica Battaglia at or 561-962-6406.

Tennis Fitness

The Specialist in Tennis Fitness degree is designed to:

  • Increase the tennis professional’s knowledge about training, rest and recovery, nutrition, injuries and injury prevention
  • Recognize professionals with the greatest competency in this area
  • Standardize fitness terms for consistent education and coaching
  • Provide reading and video assignments, as well as case studies and analysis to develop a deep understanding of practical applications 

Application and packet