Applying for Membership

The USPTA’s mission is to “elevate the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches”. The Level 1 Instructor category is for (but not limited to) entry-level coaches who are just getting started as a tennis-teaching professional while the Level 2 Professional category is designed for full-time coaches who are interested in advancing their career in tennis.

When applying for a membership, please use your legal name as shown on a government issued I.D.

Level 1 - Instructor

The Instructor Certification is an entry point for aspiring tennis professionals and those interested in teaching tennis part-time. The Instructor certification emphasizes coaching fundamentals tailored explicitly for beginner to intermediate players. As an Instructor, you’ll learn how to develop and lead group lessons and manage communication, rotations, and demonstrations, ensuring an engaging experience for players. 

  • Developed For: New coaches and those passionate about teaching tennis part-time
  • Coaching Focus: Working with beginner to low-intermediate players (click here for additional info)
  • Membership Benefits: Upon certification, you gain access to $6 million liability insurance and additional USPTA member benefits
  • Pathway Duration: Approximately 40 hours (online courses + workshop)
  • Workshop: 2 days (online), with in-person options coming to each USPTA division soon
  • Cost: $225 application fee & $225 annual USPTA dues (prorated)


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Level 2 - Professional

The Professional Certification is for coaches interested in teaching tennis full-time and seeking to advance their tennis careers. The Professional certification emphasizes coaching fundamentals for players of all levels, covering group and private lessons. As a Professional, you’ll learn how to develop and implement lesson plans using a framework for player improvement/development, enhance your communication and group management skills, and help your players improve their game. Professional members often hold positions from assistant pro to head tennis professional at racquet clubs and sports facilities. Professional certification allows for additional USPTA certification upgrades such as Elite Professional and Master Professional.

  • Developed For: Current or aspiring full-time professionals and coaches and those who are working to be a head professional/director of racquet sports
  • Certification Focus: Working with players of all levels in group and private lessons (click here for additional info)
  • Membership Benefits: Upon application, gain access to $6 million personal liability insurance and upon certification additional USPTA member benefits
  • Pathway Duration: Approximately 80 hours (online courses + workshop)
  • Workshop: 3 days in-person
  • Cost: $425 application fee & $325 annual USPTA dues (prorated)
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Other USPTA Membership Types

High School Coach – The High School Coach membership is not a certified category. This membership type is designed for high school coaches looking for education opportunities and affiliation with the USPTA. Members get full access to our online education database as well as access to our online practice planner.

Corporate Membership - (Receive USPTA emails/news and updates)