A nonteaching category for which the Certification Exam is not required.

For all public and private tennis facilities, companies or people who have a full-time commitment to tennis in an executive, administrative or commercial capacity. This membership must be listed in the corporation or club's name. Corporate members are entitled to most privileges and subject to most obligations of active membership, but may not vote, hold office, compete in USPTA national or divisional tournaments, and are not covered by USPTA's on-court liability insurance policy. Corporate members are listed in the USPTA Membership Directory and receive a booth discount at the USPTA Buying Show.

A corporate membership must be listed in the name of the company. The company shall not use the USPTA logo or USPTA name to imply company or product endorsement. Any club that applies for USPTA membership must assure USPTA that admission to membership in the club is open to all people regardless of race, color, age, creed, gender, national origin, religion or physical handicap.

For more information, contact membership@uspta.org or call 800-877-8248, ext. 108.