"ADDITIONAL INSURED" may be purchased for cities, school districts, and park and rec districts and can be added to an applicant's or member's policy. This protects the additional insured against any liability that arises from an accident caused by the tennis professional while playing, practicing, teaching, or officiating tennis, pickleball, and platform tennis on the additional insured's tennis courts. This coverage does not include or protect a teaching professional's personal business, company or LLC.

THE COST TO ADD AN "ADDITIONAL INSURED" to the liability policy is $110 per facility for Certified Professional (a Certificate of Insurance is included). The cost for Certified Tennis Instructors is $210 per facility. Recreational Coaches and Professional Applicants who purchase the coverage may add an additional insured for $125 per facility. The additional insured fee is neither prorated nor transferable and non-refundable. It will cover the additional insured through the term of the policy year (from December 31 to December 31 of the next year). Payment must be received at the World Headquarters with the request for additional coverage.

Paperwork for proof of additional insured coverage will take at about 2-3 business day and up to 2 weeks during our due’s renewal period; however, binder coverage will be in effect from the day that proper payment is received by the USPTA Insurance Department.

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