Beginning in 2020, the USPTA will launch Tennis Instructor, a certified membership category to take the place of the Recreational Coach category. The Tennis Instructor category is designed as a first step into a career as a tennis teacher, or for those who want to give back to the game by teaching part-time. Tennis Instructors will receive coverage under the USPTA's $6 million liability insurance policy for;  a one-time application fee of $199, paying annual dues of just $215 and completion of certification. Fulfillment of Tennis Instructor certification includes viewing online courses, participation in Teaching Essentials 1 workshop, finishing safety courses and background screening and satisfactory completion of assessments.

*There is a $25 USTA operational fee to attend any Teaching Essentials 1 course.
*There is an additional $14.95 fee to complete the required CPR training.

Certified Tennis Instructor Applicants will complete a series of online education including the following:

Online Tennis Instructor Education Modules

  • CYT (Coach Youth Tennis) – 6 online course
  • F1 (Coaching Fundamentals 1) – 4 online course
  • CF2 (Coaching Fundamentals 2) – 4 online course


Teaching Essentials Pre-work (4 modules). GPS for beginner and intermediate players

  • Tactical basics
  • Stop/show/go - giving quality demonstrations
  • Courts, balls, racquets, equipment


Teaching Essentials 1 Virtual Workshop - 3 workshops x 4 credits = 12

  • a) Coaching Concepts
  • b) Concepts to Court
  • c) Workshop 3


Safety (Safe Play, background screen, First Aid/CPR - 6

The attendance of a Teaching Essentials-1 Workshop hosted by the USTA is required for Tennis Instructor Certification.