USPTA Coach Developers

The following members are USPTA-certified testers, who are carefully selected and trained. They organize a Certification Exam from start to finish and provide the first USPTA experience for many new members. Coach Developers work closely with local clubs, their divisional board of directors, and the World Headquarters to help the Association grow and maintain its high standards.

USPTA Coach Developer Directory


Ramona Husaru - Florida

Kyle LaCroix - Florida

Jason Joseph - 

Somadi Druker - 

Marshall Carpenter - Intermountain

Feisal Hassan - 

Jose Rincon - Mid-Atlantic

Mark Centrella - Middle States

Mike Lange - Midwest

Amy Nestle - Midwest

Bunny Bruning - Missouri Valley

Rosie Bareis - Northern California

Pam Dodman - New England

Bruce Gullikson - Northern

Christin Schumann - Northern

Matt Iwersen - Pacific Northwest

Simon Paek - Southern California

Dave Hagler - Southern California

Conan Lorenzo - San Diego

Allan Jensen - Southern

Dan Beedle - Southern

Dave Neuhart - Southern

Greg Prudhomme - Southwest

Sarah Flood - Texas


Michael Cochrane - New England

Jason Love - Midwest


Geoff Jagdfeld - Eastern     

Dominique Levin - Florida  

Cathleen Nicoloff - Hawaii         

Mark Chomko - Intermountain 

Jason Grigg – Mid-Atlantic      

 Tim Irwin - Middle States       

Scott Ficks - Midwest  

Bunny Bruning - Missouri Valley       

Angelo Rossetti - New England       

Steve Paulsen - Northern    

Carrie Zarraonandia - Northern California       

Nancy Ansboury - Pacific Northwest

Nigel O’Rourke - San Diego               

Darryl Lewis - Southern 

Ryan Johnson - Southwest 

Simon Paek - Southern California       

Kelly Marshall - Texas