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  • Interested in advancing your career? Join us on a panel discussion about women in tennis & leadership with a group of outstanding speakers in our industry. Learn about the necessary skills for a Director of Tennis/Racquet Sports position, how to interview, how to balance the personal/professional life and so much more.

    featuring: Leslie Allen, Kim Bastable, Paula Scheb, Kathy Woods and moderated by Trish Faulkner and Ramona Husaru

  • featuring: Ilana Kloss, Mary Carillo, and Katrina Adams

  • Learn about available USPTA Career Services and the new USPTA Job platform. Discover how to create and personalize your profile and make it stand out to potential employers by showcasing your coaching experience and professional accomplishments.

    featuring: Trevor Trudelle

  • Are you interested in doing your own match tagging? In this webinar, you will learn what tools and workflow you need to get started. Your match data will help you to objectively identify true strengths and weaknesses in your player’s game. These findings can then be taken to the practice or lesson court to accelerate player development..

    featuring: Warren Pretorius

  • Ethical leadership is about building relationships. Coaching is about building relationships. Sport is a lived world. Competition provides its own social structure, its own language, its own community, and in that world lines can often get blurred between what is right and wrong. Sports leaders can often get blinded by their desire to win, and when they are exclusively guided by this desire moral and ethical reasoning is often set aside. This presentation will provide theoretical explanation and empirical research that defines ethics in sport, covers the tenants of sportsmanship versus gamesmanship, and guides you through building a coaching philosophy.

    featuring: Debra LaPorte

  • In this presentation, Luxillon Product Manager, Andreas Bergen discussed the evolution of strings while covering the major string categories with advantages and disadvantages for today’s game. Learn how to choose the right strings for your students and help them improve their performance.

    featuring: Andreas Bergen

  • USPTA Webinar - The Peak Performance Lens
  • By attending this presentation, participants will learn how to coach, parent, and compete in a healthy way that not only promotes sustainable Peak Performance under pressure, but it does so in a way that also fosters sportsmanship, character, and personal development. Healthy and effective coaching, parenting, and competing should be viewed through a 4-part Peak Performance Lens that includes keeping a healthy perspective (which is the overarching lens), properly judging success, having a healthy view of competition, and possessing a growth mindset. The Peak Performance Lens is not only the lens through which competitive sport should be perceived, but it is also the lens through which life should be viewed.

    featuring: Dr. Gregory Prudhomme

  • USPTA Webinar -How to Build a Presence on Instagram
  • USPTA Elite Professional and Founder of Tennis Haus, Davor Dekaris will discuss the three main social media platforms with an emphasis on Instagram. He will show you how to connect with fellow coaches worldwide, why is it important to grow your presence, and how it can help you grow your business. Learn about the Instagram algorithm and how to cut, prepare, and upload the videos for your posts.

    featuring: Davor Dekaris

  • USPTA Webinar - Successful Facilities Focus on the Three P’s
  • Wonder why facilities are struggling around the U.S.? It’s time to look at key elements that will lead to successful coaches and facilities. Do you know what your customers desire from your programs, staff and your facilities? We will discuss the Three P’s in detail as well as discuss the Hallmarks of Great Facilities. We will also discuss key program initiatives and how to bring the social element back to our facilities.

    featuring: Scott Mitchell

  • USPTA Webinar - Junior and Adult Programming
  • Join USPTA Professionals Patrick Kearns, Anish Manrai, and Jeremy Speicher while they discuss Junior and Adult Programming amidst a pandemic.

    featuring: Patrick Kearns, Anish Manrai, and Jeremy Speicher

  • USPTA Webinar - Adaptive Tennis: Drills & On-Court Modifications for Individuals with Autism
  • This webinar concentrates on teaching the adaptive tennis pathway to USPTA tennis professionals with the goal of implementing a successful therapeutic program for children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities..

    featuring: Lisa Pugliese LaCroix 

  • USPTA Webinar - Athlete-Centered Coaching
  • Watch USPTA Elite Pro Kim Bastable outline the history of sports psychology beliefs and practices and historic coaching norms while contrasting the new, more positive ways in which positive personal development can be included in today’s sports programs, simply through an attitude of partnership, empowerment of the athletes and recognition of the power of sport to create transformed, thriving players.

    featuring: Kim Bastable

  • USPTA Webinar-Re-Building Your Tennis Program from Scratch
  • Join Master Pro Lane Evans who has compiled some very helpful tips on how you can “start over” as we emerge from our isolation. Some will even have to start over from scratch.

    featuring: Lane Evans

  • Join a panel discussion with Platinum Club Racquet’s Directors as they discuss insights from successful club re-openings.

    featuring: Len Simard, Louie Vosloo, Dan Regan, Jarrett Chirico, Tomas Gonzalez

  • Watch USPTA Elite Professional, Leslie Allen, on this webinar who will discuss the role of coaching. Coaches have the power to impact lives and help students find their vibranium/superpower.

    featuring: Leslie Allen

  • USPTA Webinar- The Secret to Successful Doubles Partnerships
  • USPTA Elite Pro Gigi Fernandez reveals the secrets to successful doubles partnerships.

    featuring: Gigi Fernandez

  • USPTA Webinar - Building Leadership Skills
  • Learn how to work on leadership skills, learn practical, real world strategies and how leaders can rise during Covid-19.

    featuring: Bunny Bruning

  • USPTA Webinar - USPTA COVID-19 Task Force Update
  • This webinar is an opportunity to share what our Task Force has been working on since we started in March and what resources members should be using to navigate the re-opening of their facilities.

    featuring: Patrick Kearn

  • USPTA Webinar - Coaching Female Players
  • Join USPTA Professional and WTCA CEO Sarah Stone to learn about the art of coaching female players.

    featuring: Sarah Stone

  • USPTA Webinar - Mindfulness for Tennis Players
  • Learn how to practice Mindfulness and about its many benefits for your players and yourself.

    featuring: Meike Babel

  • USPTA Webinar - Managing Your Career Pathway After Pandemic
  • Watch USPTA Master Pro Mark McMahon as he discusses completing a Career SWOT Assessment; establishing specific and realistic career goals around an elastic timeline; aligning you r goals with the development of your core skills; creating and managing your personal brand to help you get invited to the interview; defining who you are and why you are a tennis professional, and an introduction to a new type of networking!

    featuring: Mark McMahon

  • USPTA Webinar - Learn how the USPTA’s partnership with LIG can help you find affordable healthcare coverage
  • The USPTA has partnered with the Lighthouse Insurance Group to deliver exclusive concierge access to affordable health insurance options for members, their families, and even their businesses/employees. The program options include Major Medical, Short Term Policies, Vision, Dental, Critical Care, and other Supplemental Insurance Coverage options across the country.

    featuring: Tim McNichols, JD Cleary

  • USPTA Webinar - The New USPTA Certification Pathway
  • This webinar will be a panel of USPTA and USTA leaders discussing the ‘why and how’ we are embarking on this new pathway in 2021.

    featuring: Sid Newcomb, Craig Jones, Steve Keller, Feisal Hassan

  • USPTA Webinar - Understanding Mental Heath and Performance during Quarantine
  • In this webinar, you will learn strategies to help stay healthy and positive during this time. Solutions to help with mental health and resources that you can reach out to if you are struggling.

    featuring: Bhrett McCabe

  • Watch Allistair McCaw discuss the 7 steps to developing a winning attitude and mindset.

    featuring: Allistair McCaw

  • USPTA Webinar - What Tennis Pros Need to Know to Navigate Through the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Watch USPTA Pro Doug Cash as he discusses what you need to know to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.

    featuring: Doug Cash

  • USPTA Webinar - How To Survive And Thrive In Uncertain Times
  • USPTA Elite Professional Jeff Salzenstein offers a three-step high-performance framework to implement right now and in the future. The coronavirus has turned our world upside-down. This forced break from working and doing what we love is challenging us to adapt and adjust in this new world we are moving into.

    featuring: Jeff Salzenstein

  • USPTA Webinar - How to Keep the Fire Burning When you Don't Have Any Wood
  • In this webinar Tim goes over what it takes to keep the fire burning.

    featuring: Tim Buwick

  • USPTA Webinar - Positive Coaching = Positive Results
  • Listen to USPTA Master Professional Todd Upchurch as he discusses how positive coaching can lead you to positive results.

    featuring: Todd Upchurch

  • USPTA Webinar - The loser's edge
  • The Loser’s Edge is a year-long research project in cooperation with Stanford University and nearly 300 world class athletes as to their biggest failures, what they learned from it and what we as coaches can do to prepare and provide for our athletes and ourselves as business leaders if facing similar fate. In this webinar, USPTA Elite Professional Kyle LaCroix  will discuss the factors that lead to failure as well as give real life, practical tips on how to prevent or learn from failure moving forward.

    featuring: Kyle LaCroix

  • USPTA Webinar - Navigating the Net Gen App
  • Listen to Alanna and Craig as they walk you through navigation the Net Gen App

    featuring: Alanna Broderick and Craig Jones

  • USPTA Webinar - Good Vibrations: Getting to the Core of Customer Service and Experience
  • In this webinar, USPTA Elite Professional, Mike Woody discusses the importance of creating a customer experience environment that will get at the soul of your members, clients or team.

    featuring: Mike Woody

  • USPTA Webinar - Make your Message Count - Effective Communication Strategies
  • In this webinar, USPTA Elite Professional, Emma Doyle  discusses effective communication strategies and how you can accelerate performance through effective language patterns. Learn about understanding the developmental needs of your players, common metaphors – how to reframe your language patterns as well as practical language tips for you to add to your coaching toolkit immediately.

    featuring: Emma Doyle

  • USPTA Webinar - Time Management - Juggling Like the Experts
  • In this intriguing presentation, topics explored include how to manage multiple priority overload, how to use one’s finite nature for infinite gain, how to balance organizational and per-sonal challenges while solving both, and how to respect and manage your own.

    featuring: Mark Steinberg

  • USPTA Webinar - How to Deliver an Effective On-Court Presentation
  • Do you remember being inspired by some of our leaders in the industry and came home to your club full of new ideas, drills and energy? What did these presenters do to inspire you? We will go over some of their presentation techniques. We'll put together a structure for a typical on-court presentation from Introduction to Question and Answers. And we'll talk about preparations, pacing, projecting voice etc...  We will also go over what not to do... because we don't want to be that guy.

    featuring: Sophie Woorons, Ph.D.

  • USPTA Webinar - Navigating the parent-coach relationship
  • This presentation includes information to help create a positive working relationship with parents and their junior players.  It also helps coaches provide information to the parents to navigate the junior competitive pathway and can better create a program where the tennis players reach their goals.

    featuring: Lori Riffice

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