USPTA Testers

The following members are USPTA-certified testers, who are carefully selected and trained. They organize a Certification Exam from start to finish and provide the first USPTA experience for many new members. Testers work closely with local clubs, their divisional board of directors, and the World Headquarters to help the Association grow and maintain its high standards.

USPTA Tester Directory

Sid Newcomb - National Head Tester


Whitney Kraft - Head Tester
Steve Pekich
Farhad Roshanaie
Rod Bailey


Glen Howe - Head Tester
Robin Keener
Kelvin Rivera
Ben Rakusin
Kyle LaCroix
Ramona Husaru


Dave Porter - Head Tester


Hassan Humayun - Head Tester
RJ Tessier
Bill Gray
Lindsay Rawstorne
Tom Van De Hey
Ginger Phillips


Kris David - Head Tester
Feisal Hassan
Joe Cappellino

Middle States        

Mark Centrella - Head Tester
Joao Pinho
Gregg Barkley


Mike Lange - Head Tester
Matt Boughton
Matt Davis
Paul Marcum
Mary Herrick
Guy Parks
Amy Nestle

Missouri Valley        

Bunny Bruning - Head Tester
Lane Evans
Kendell Hale
Kent Womack
Gary Trost

New England        

Wayne Turner - Head Tester
Steve O'Connell
Doug Eng
Patricio Misitrano


Roger Boyer - Head Tester
Dilcia Pederson

Northern California        

Rosie Bareis - Head Tester
Paul Zaretsky
Weston Reese

Pacific NW        

Ted Sayrahder - Head Tester
Matt Iwersen
Josh Basha

San Diego        

Don Gomsi - Head Tester
Eric Mann


Ron Gwyn - Head Tester
Dave Neuhart
Bill Phillips
Jonathan Hains
Tom Daglis
Allan Jensen


Gregory Prudhomme - Head Tester
Larry Lineberry
Dick Johnson
Bryan Dirk

Southern California        

Sid Newcomb - Interim Head Tester
Mike Van Zutphen
Simon Paek
Scott Nichols
Dave Hagler
Sara Morse


Tom Ingram - Head Tester
Jay Bewley
Kevin Jackson
Laura Gilbert
Jack Foster
John Ingram