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USPTA Elevating the Standards of Tennis Teaching Professionals
As a USTA accreditated organization, the USPTA is charged administering the tennis-teaching certification program outlined by the USTA and its Accreditation Review Board.

Tennis-Teaching Professionals
Beginning November 1, 2020, new USPTA applicants joining at the professional level will undergo a new certification pathway requiring:

1. 6 to 9 months of hands-on work experience under the guidance of a USPTA approved mentor
2. 300 hours of online and/or in person education
3. USTA Safe Play including background check

Additionally, starting 2021, the USPTA continuing education requirement will increase from 12 to 15 hours in a 3-year period.

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Tennis Instructor Category
The above requirements do not apply to the Tennis Instructor category, which is also certified. A Tennis Instructor certification is for those who teach part-time or seasonally. The Tennis Instructor certification pathway begins January 1, 2021 requiring:

1. Teaching Essentials 1 (14 ours in person)
2. 16 hours of online education, including
      a. Coach Youth Tennis
      b. USTA Safe Play including background check
      c. CPR/AED training
      d. An additioanl 4 hours of online education

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Why is the Certification Pathway Changing?
The USPTA’s mission is to “elevate the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches. The new certification pathway will ensure that all USPTA-certified tennis teachers will meet or exceed the standards developed by the USTA Accredidation Review Board for the purposes of ensuring the sport of tennis has a viable future.

Professional Tennis Management
Other ways we encourage you to further your education is with a certificate in Professional Tennis Management from one of these colleges or universities.

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