Applying for Membership

The following requirements apply only to the Professional membership track.

  1. A completed application.
  2. Nonrefundable application fee.
  3. Dues for the current year, prorated to the month in which he or she is applying.
Please note: For applications started prior to October 31, 2020, all tested components must be completed by March 31, 2021, when the current certification pathway ends. To help applicants complete their testing, all USPTA divisions have increased testing dates by a minimum of 15% for the fourth quarter of 2020. Orlando, New York, Los Angeles and Dallas will include weekly testing in November and December of 2020 (excluding holiday weeks) if needed. 

Beginning on November 1, 2020, all new applications will follow the new certification pathway, which includes six to nine months of hands-on work experience with guidance from a USPTA-approved mentor, 300 hours of online and/or in-person education and the completion USTA Safe Play training and a background check. 

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School Coach
Recreational Coach
Corporate Member
Tennis Instructor application coming soon 

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Membership Upgrade