Alex Gordon Professional of the Year

Simon Paek - Fullerton, California

The United States Professional Tennis Association, Inc. (USPTA) is proud to present the 2023 USPTA Alex Gordon Professional of the Year Award to Simon Paek from Fullerton, Calif., (Southern California Division).
The USPTA Elite Professional has been a mainstay in the tennis community in Southern California for more than 30 years and counting. Paek exudes passion and energy as a USPTA coach developer for both tennis and pickleball certifications, mentors countless young professionals and implements grassroots efforts to grow the USPTA image in the tennis and pickleball communities.
Paek has spoken at many conferences, as well as traveled abroad to Asia to present on topics including pickleball, tennis stringing, high performance and working with seniors. The Pro of the Year also has a huge spot in his heart for diversity and inclusion, especially when it comes to bringing USPTA to his homeland of South Korea. He has been instrumental, along with his mentor Don Henson, in certifying dozens of Korean tennis professionals into the USPTA. As busy as Simon is with his responsibilities, he still finds time to give back to his local community through hosting charity events.
Some of Simon’s recent recognitions include being awarded the USPTA George Bacso Coach Developer of the Year in 2022. He was named one of the 2023 Champions of Pickleball (USPTA Pickleball Member of the Year) in the national publication Racquet Sports Industry. Plus, this year, Simon was named the USPTA Southern California Division Don Henson Professional of the Year.
“Simon has been involved with the leadership in SoCal on and off for two decades. But the Alex Gordon Pro of the Year Award is a recognition for what Simon has accomplished over the past 12 months. With his coach developer work on both the tennis and pickleball side plus his work as the regional VP for the SoCal division, he is deserving of this award,” said USPTA CEO John Embree.