Bob Ryland Diversity Award

Christine Macure - Bridgewater, New Jersey

The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) is proud to present the 2021 USPTA Bob Ryland Diversity Award to Christine Macur from Bridgewater, NJ (Middle States Division). The USPTA Bob Ryland Diversity Award recognizes certified professionals that demonstrated an outstanding ability to use tennis to unite diverse populations within their community. This award was renamed after Bob Ryland, a 60-plus year member, who was inducted into our USPTA Hall of Fame in 2020. As a Middle States board member, Christine is the diversity and inclusion division liaison to the national committee. Her responsibilities are to teach and ensure fair and equitable treatment of all in tennis through tennis-teaching professionals. In 2020, she secured a diverse speaking lineup for the Middle States conference, wrote articles on diversity in tennis, and encouraged anyone with a diverse background who was interested in a leadership position to participate. She is also responsible for adaptive tennis being incorporated into the Middle States 2021 conference.