The Association expects its members to be of good character, to treat the public honestly and fairly, and to treat their fellow members in the tennis-teaching profession in the same way. Accordingly:

  1. Any complaint against a member of dishonest or unfair dealing, either to the public or to a fellow member, shall be referred to an ethics committee that will be appointed by the President and that will always include general counsel. In its discretion, the ethics committee will act on the complaint, including an attempt to resolve the matter between the parties. Upon the determination of the ethics committee, however, the exercise by a member of his or her legal rights will be recognized and honored, and issues of fact or law will be left to the decision of a court of law.
  2. If the ethics committee, in its discretion, considers the charge to be sufficiently serious, it may refer the matter to the Board of Directors, which, after due consideration, will have the power to expel the member or to determine any lesser punishment.
  3. Any member who is convicted of a serious crime, as determined by the Board of Directors, will be subject to immediate expulsion from the Association.