Nonmember teaching assistants of certified members may apply for coverage under this policy. It is necessary for a certified member to submit the names of his/her assistants, plus $125 per assistant, to the USPTA World Headquarters.  The nonmember assistant must be 18 years or older and the certified member holding the policy must be on the premises while that assistant is teaching, otherwise the nonmember coverage is void.

The USPTA policy does not provide club coverage and the club must secure its own liability insurance in its usual manner. The nonmember insurance fee is neither prorated nor transferable, and will cover the nonmember through the term of the policy year (from Dec. 31 to Dec. 31 of the next year). When adding nonmember assistants, the effective date for their coverage is the date the letter and proper payment to the USPTA World Headquarters are received by the USPTA Insurance Department. Reapplication must be made by the USPTA sponsor for the nonmember insuree each policy year in a timely fashion, since no notices or invoices will be sent as a reminder.

*Only Certified Professionals, Elite Professionals, and Master Professionals are eligible to purchase Nonmember Employee Insurance coverage. Tennis Instructor Applicants, Professional applicants, and Tennis Instructors do not qualify. 

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