The United States Professional Tennis Association has partnered with ALL RACQUET SPORTS to offer USPTA professional Padel certification. 

ALL RACQUET SPORTS is dedicated to promoting racquet sports in North America and believes that the growth of the industry will come from the inclusion of all racquet sports at the same facility, increasing participation, membership and sales. They are the leading experts on Padel in the USA by offering a 360º approach including building quality facilities, providing professional certifications, full line of equipment and a US support team that will drive your business to new levels of success.

All Racquet Sports/ AFP Academy powered by adidas padel is the platform where teaching professionals perfect their knowledge and teaching methods. The methodology that was developed pushes professionals to complete specific Padel training techniques in the technical, tactical, bio-mechanical & physical areas of the sport.

By attending  our certification, you can expect a vigorous on-court teaching and learning experience including detailed teaching techniques, video review, written test, online access to videos & extensive padel resource manual plus much more that will improve your skills and raise you to the next level.

As USPTA past President Harry Gilbert said,
"This course exceeded our expectations, providing a very comprehensive plan on teaching the fundamentals of the game as well as providing techniques for advanced players. The manual that was provided will be a valuable resource moving forward”.

We have developed a one day (2 hours) activity to introduce USPTA professionals to the sport of padel including the history, rules of the sport and training techniques. In addition they will get insight in to the intensive ARS/ AFP Academy powered by adidas padel Certification program that is supported by the USPTA
LEVEL 0: Introduction to Padel

Regarding the two days Certification program (15 hours) depending on the professionals performance, proficiency and experience we offer 3 different levels of Certification:

LEVEL 1: PRO Padel Professional
LEVEL 2: ELITE Padel Professional
LEVEL 3: MASTER Padel Professional

We encourage all racquet professionals to be introduced and certified in Padel through the USPTA!

For additional information about upcoming certifications, visit ALLRACQUETSPORTS.COM

About your AFP Academy Master Certified Trainer
Marcos Del Pilar is a former professional tennis and padel tour player with many years of tournament tough playing and coaching experience. He has also over 20 years of experience in padel club management and holds a MBA Sales & Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Sports Organizations & Events and Masters in NLP & Coaching. Marcos has a large experience in sports business, marketing and brands management. His enthusiasm, skill and knowledge of the sport will push you to learn and have fun teaching padel.

LEVEL 0                                              LEVEL 1                                               LEVEL 2

What is Padel?

Interview with Marcos del Pilar
(Spanish with captions)

John Isner supports playing Padel

USPTA President Harry Gilbert and VP RacquetFit Dr Sean Drake on Padel

USPTA Certifications