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In April 2015, the USPTA Executive Committee voted to incorporate the Professional Platform Tennis Association into the USPTA. After careful consideration, the PPTA membership determined that since its mission is to promote and grow the standards of the Professional Platform Tennis Association, its members would be best served by combining with the larger USPTA organization. The PPTA has voted to dissolve and its assets, programs, certification process and mission will be borne by the USPTA. The USPTA will assist with administrative functions such as dues collection, and handle certification and education responsibilities for platform tennis-teaching professionals. 

USPTA Professionals will be encouraged to become certified platform tennis professionals on top of their existing tennis certification.
Key points:

  • Members must have at least a Tennis Instructor certification to apply for the Platform Tennis certification.
  • There is only one membership fee, whether you are certified as a tennis-teaching professional, platform professional or both.
  • There will be only one billing cycle (current USPTA cycle – Jan. 1-Dec. 31)
  • The application fee is $199 per certification
  • All certified members (tennis or platform) will receive full benefits.
  • The platform certification category will be managed by the Platform Tennis Committee
  • Platform certification tests will be conducted by platform tennis testers.

This is a teaching category requiring successful completion of the USPTA Certification Exam, leading to a certification rating of Professional.

Certification is intended for those at least 18 years old who derive or intend to derive a major portion of income from teaching platform tennis. To qualify for certified membership, a professional must meet all application, exam and experience requirements, and must agree to abide by the USPTA Code of Ethics. Non-U.S. citizens who cannot legally work in the United States, but do meet all other requirements for certified membership, may join the Association as International Division members. International members are not covered by the protection of USPTA's on-court liability insurance policy. Non-U.S. membership does not imply that USPTA sponsors these members to immigrate to the United States to work as tennis-teaching professionals. U.S. labor certification laws apply in these cases.

In order for USPTA to send mail to noncitizens at a U.S. address, the World Headquarters must receive a copy of either the alien registration card (green card) or a student or work visa.

Please call the membership department at 407-634-3050 to remit payment for the application fee. Please note that you do not need to fill out a separate application as we have a member account for you. If you are not a member, visit the apply now page by clicking HERE.

Once certified in platform tennis, members will pay annual dues of $315 and will be treated as USPTA Certified Professionals, including member benefits provided.

There are two levels of certified membership:

Platform Professional
USPTA Platform Professionals must be at least 18 years old and pass the on-court and written portions of the exams.

Elite Platform Professional
To become an Elite Platform Professional, a USPTA member must be at least 22 years old and pass the on-court and written portions of the exams at the Elite level.

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