LEVEL 4: Master Professional

The Master Professional is the highest recognition offered by the USPTA. It is reserved for those members that have demonstrated mastery of all aspects of tennis teaching and management, as well as achievements over the course of their career. Master Professional applicants must have held Elite Professional rating for 10 years and completed 80 hours of specialty courses. Master Professional applications must include an electronic portfolio for review by the Master Professional Selection Committee. 

Level 4 Certification Tips

For information on membership benefits, click here: Member Benefits

For help creating an electronic scrapbook, click here: Creating an Electronic Scrapbook

All electronic scrapbooks must be received by May 1, 2024, for committee review and presentation at the 2024 USPTA World Conference. Scrapbooks sent after this date will be returned to the sender. All Master Professional applications must use and meet the current Master Pro application requirements. Application forms from previous years are not eligible for consideration.  Should you have any additional questions please reach out to Department-Certification@uspta.org

To begin your application, click here: Master Professional Application