USPTA Renews Partnership with TGA

The United States Professional Tennis Association announced today it will enter into a three-year agreement with TGA Premier Youth Tennis. Under the terms of the agreement, TGA will remain the official schools program provider of the USPTA and will continue to help grow tennis at the grassroots level and attract new business for USPTA Professionals.

TGA, which stands for Teach Grow Achieve, pioneered a school-based youth sports franchise model that has made tennis accessible to youth and families through a five-level, instruction-based program for elementary students, and a play-based program for middle school students. Its specialized curriculums were developed in partnership with the United States Tennis Association and focuses on instilling a passion for youth tennis while promoting advancement, achievement and the attainment of life skills on and off the court.

The USPTA’s relationship with TGA has positively impacted its membership through the creation of new business ownership and job opportunities. In addition, members will receive continuing education credits for coaching with TGA and an exclusive 10 percent off franchise fees.

“The relationship with TGA has been important to the USPTA over the past three years,” said USPTA CEO John Embree. “Not only does TGA offer a business opportunity for our members but TGA franchisees are encouraged to employ USPTA professionals to work in their community based programs.”

TGA franchise opportunities have created a blueprint for USPTA-certified Professionals to take their skills and quickly scale a self-sustaining turnkey business solution that introduces the sport of tennis throughout their community. The program then transitions the new tennis players to local tennis facilities, youth programs, and USTA events creating new clients and future business for USPTA Professionals.

Other partnership benefits will include the development of educational training programs for youth tennis, further enhancing TGA’s five-level enrichment curriculum, as well as the USPTA and TGA cross-promoting their brands through various channels.

“To continue to partner with the top tennis professional association in the industry is humbling. Together, the USPTA and TGA can deliver thousands of programs at the grass roots level to drive the growth of tennis at the introductory and recreational level impacting USPTA Professionals and their careers,” said Joshua Jacobs, TGA founder and CEO.

TGA after-school tennis enrichment programs take place year-round indoors or outdoors on school campuses or at community centers. TGA provides its own youth racquet equipment line with five customized sizes, balls and portable nets to all participants to safely create tennis courts on any surface. The age-appropriate skill instruction also incorporates life lessons, physical fitness, rules and etiquette of tennis, and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) Labs.

For more information about TGA Premier Youth Tennis and its franchise business opportunities visit and

About the USPTA
Founded in 1927, the USPTA is the global leader in tennis-teacher certification and professional development. With more than 14,000 members worldwide, the association raises the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches and promotes a greater awareness of the sport.


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